Spirits of Anglerwood Forest

Published by mikesean45 on

Solo Project
Time: 2 years (in development)
Platform: Android, iOS
Tools Used: Unity, Photoshop, Studio One, Tiled

Coming 2019

Spirits of Anglerwood Forest is a strategic traversal game for mobile devices. The player assumes the role of Edgar, a young boy who lives with his parents in the rural wooded region known as Anglerwood Forest. The day after performing a ritual to protect his home from the spirits of the forest, Edgar’s parents go missing and he sets out to find them.

Every night, the player must perform the protection ritual before Edgar can move on with his journey. This involves using branches from the forest trees to light lanterns found within the level. The lantern light protects Edgar from spirits. However, removing a branch from a tree may awaken a spirit that will try to chase the player down. The player must survey the area and plan the order in which they visit the lanterns and trees to best avoid the spirits.